The AICOINMINERS crypto multi faucet site is the first ever bitcoin faucet to accept more than one type of cryptocurrency as rewards.

AICOINMINERS was launched in 2014 and since then it has accumulated many users and the development team keeps adding new features to it on a regular basis, that’s why the website works flawlessly at any moment of time and its popularity only keeps growing every day, both among newbies and seasoned users of cryptocurrencies, which makes this website an essential part of any cryptocurrency enthusiast’s daily routine!

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about Image

AICOINMINERS is a membership cryptocurrency faucet/airdrop platform. The main purpose of AICOINMINERS is to help new cryptocurrencies on their way to success.

We believe that a cryptocurrency should be able to be spent on something and not just reserved as an investment or saved. It can be used in day to day life by purchasing goods and services with it, which will result in more demand for it over time creating a higher price per coin. It’s our goal here at AICOINMINERS to provide users with quality crypto websites so they can make money through earning or claiming various forms of crypto currency for just $2.99 a month. Our crypto faucets are professionally designed keeping user experience in mind.

About Us

This was formed by a group of cryptocurrency experts and programmers with a common goal: to bring more people into cryptocurrency.

The team decided that developing and maintaining their own free faucet would be a perfect way to introduce visitors to Bitcoin, and from there develop their own interests. AICOINMINERS aims to provide users with an easy, enjoyable first experience with digital currency, while also generating revenue for our team.

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